Mt Cook Lupins, keeping your colour vibrant


  New Blog Post  Painting Mt Cook Lupins #Available, #MtCookLupins, #helenblairsart, It took several layers to build up to the vibrant colours, by starting with a dark underlay,  but it all came together when the final highlights went on. I also worked hard to keep my colours pure by not letting other colour into the […]


Poppys Tuscany, helenblairsart

  The fields shine brightly with poppies of red The skies are reflecting colourful beds The suns setting in layers of gold Taking its flight so bold Clouds roll by as our freedom beholds Touching deeply life unfolds All its mysteries and stories untold Bravery in the mist still shrouds these fields of old Fields […]

I Walk the Track

Painting & Poem by Helen Blair. I Walk The Track I walk the track in solitude listening quietly to my surroundings, I walk the track listening to the dreams within my mind, I walk the track going deeper and deeper in touch with myself and mankind, I walk the track finding the mysteries I need […]

Letting Go

Art and Poem by Helen Blair Letting Go. As the sun goes down over the hill, The centre of the heart of me, Burns with a flame eternally still, Blazing loves heart deep, with this life I humbly keep, From the darkness burns my light, My soul watches on quietly, Whispering songs of wisdom through […]