Happy New Year!

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Tonight we celebrate our New Year, as I look over the year it sure has been a year of tests and trials, but I remember that old saying ‘what doesnt kill you makes you stronger’. There are alot of us suffering under the rules of our government, I believe in we are all one, I dont agree with the segregation or this unsafe, unproven V, and one has to wonder what the real agenda is going on, is it really about our health and well being or is it more about control, If we were all to unite together and say no we could take back our freedoms, well enough said about that, it is a very sensitive subject. One things for sure I am determined to make sure our family stay loving toward one another, we have agreed that we disagree and there is no point is trying to put each others opinions onto each other, everyone has their own choices to make, I just pray for their safety every day.

As for my art, I intend to keep going with it as it gives me joy and helps me through all these trying times, I am selling mostly online as well as from a few different galleries. I feel very grateful for my art, my family and love the countryside we live in. Being grateful is what helps get me through too, there are days where they can be extra tuff and those are the days I become extra thankful for all that I have, it is very uplifting.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful New Year , a time to reflect on what has been and a time to make new decisions for the future. Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness

Helen XXX