Poppies in Tuscany series

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.43.11 pm

This month Ive started on a Tuscany Poppy series, would love to go there but painting it is great too. Beginning of August Im going to have a lot more time to paint as my youngest son is off to school, Ive home schooled him for nearly 4 years , so its going to be a huge change for me and I will have a few more hours in the day to Paint. Ive been asked to become an Excecutive for our local Arts society, so will be doing that to keep it going. I have some exhibitions coming up , one at our local Zen Gardens, so will be painting a Botanical a series for that and have recently joined a Gallery in Howick called- A Piece of Work Gallery.



IMG_7520 IMG_5029Poppy Field IMG_8214