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Palette knife beach paintings, helenblairsart

Ive enjoyed doing some small quick palette knife paintings recently, Ive found its good for freeing you up when I feel a bit stuck on what to paint next and Ive been busy with a new Art class that Ive started to give at the Log Cabin in Beachlands. Its a lovely spot to work from with views out over the ocean. Even in the rain it looks beautiful. My plans this month is to be more consistant with my work, I feel I have a little more time now to do this as I have only my son Jabob whose 10 at home now, to homeschool. I had 2 of them last year and the previous years 3 at home, so its been busy busy busy, but now I feel like I can take a breather and focus more energy into my artwork. I will be approaching more Galleries to sell from and entering more exhibitions which Im very excited about.

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