Lots of Snow and Ice!

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Its been very cold here the last few weeks, which makes me want to paint lots of colour!
This month Im busy putting some art works on my new shop on my facebook page, also Im putting some in the local Bank cafe in Clyde, its a lovely space and Clyde is a very historical town with lots of character, so very excited to have my work there. Im also putting some smaller works into a local gallery in Alexandra. Im finishing off some commissions and got some new ones going on, its a busy month!
Two new mini’s, Mouintain moonlight and moonlight lake, from a recent travel through the Mckenzie country . It was very early morning when we were travelling through, before the sun was coming up.
We have also been with out power for a few weeks now as our inverter is not going, we are off grid and have solar set up, so its been difficult to have internet, but recently we got a small inverter for the car which lets us have some internet now thank goodness!
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Beautiful Pic!
Our place in a recent Hoar frost we had which lasted seven days! was very beautiful but very cold, we didn’t see the sun all that time.
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