May News

Aurora Southern Lights


Ive been lucky enough to see the Aurora southern lights from our place a couple of time now. It looks amazing, the sky is crystal clear with lots of stars, so this is where this painting is inspired from.  I plan to do more in this series. I found I used my brushes more here but still used the palette knife for the mountains, I can’t help myself, I just love using the palette knife, it frees me up a lot. I turned to the palette knife 25 years ago  as I found it loosened me up and also allowed me the time to finish something in a short time.

Over the last few months Ive been working on drawings and mini paintings. I go to the local market here in Alexandra every Friday and sell my minis, hand made Jewellery , essential oils we make here and we have our own bee hives so have had a lot of honey to sell. Aside from that Ive also got a large lavender patch to maintain, aproximately 1ooo plants, it needs a lot of weeding and mulching at the moment. I also have the family to look after, two boys at collage and  a daughter at polytec, so it can get pretty busy, but I still make time to paint and am working on a few larger pieces at the moment as well for galleries, my website and local shows.

I have some new prints coming this month! They should be on by the end of May, some more Otago scenes plus a few beach ones.  Also  a new series coming , will keep  you posted!

Winter is a great time to be inside on those cold days and paint away. I love all the seasons, each one brings excitement with colours and moods.