Off Grid Barn Life

Welcome to my Blog on off grid barn life! I thought it would be good to share with you what its like to live off grid, in a Barn with 7 cats. We live on 35 acres of land below the Dunstan Ranges in Central Otago New Zealand. We started out living in tents for 5 months while building the barn and were very keen to move into it as it was nearing the end of April and getting very cold. We had two cats with us, one of them had 5 kittens which we had moved with us. Life was very interesting living in tents, we found we had a lot of critters of sorts wanting to live in the tents with us. We really enjoyed this time though, it had been a long time dream to live out in the country and on our own land, and to create an off grid life style.

We haven’t finished our solar system fully yet but have 5 panels so far, thats connected to an Inverter and charge controller system which charges up a set of batteries. Our goal is to get another 5 panels set up so we have enough power for the winter time, as we have shorter days and less light available then.