Letting Go

helenblairsart-Misty Mountain
helenblairsart-Misty Mountain

Art and Poem by Helen Blair

Letting Go.
As the sun goes down over the hill,
The centre of the heart of me,
Burns with a flame eternally still,
Blazing loves heart deep,
with this life I humbly keep,
From the darkness burns my light,
My soul watches on quietly,
Whispering songs of wisdom through the night,
Guiding me with the truths I need to hear,
In the stillness I shed my tears, tears of gratefulness and joy,
Washing away all my cares,
As I lie here quietly with a soft breath,
I feel the warm feeling as a soft kiss,
It sows its seed and begins to grow,
I find the need to let it go,
Relax, breathe and let it flow.