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Being an artist is not just about making art, theres also a lot of in-depth mind hurdles you have to over come too. Heres a few ways to get an artful soul.

-Release all your anxieties, get to the bottom of anxieties , find out whats bugging you and then find a -solution to it or make a plan to over come it, decide on things, let them go.
-Forgive past things and forgive yourself, we can without even realising sometimes be carrying around a lot of stuff from the past, anxiety can block your artistic flow.
-Declutter, It can be fun and easy to collect stuff but if you’re finding you have too much stuff and its bothering you its time for a declutter, it frees up more space and feels like you have more time.
-Meditate at least once a day , write a list of goals you wish to achieve, then go through them each day, work on getting these goals done one by one, tick them off as you go, add more goals to your list.
-Be grateful for all you have achieved so far, be thankful for things to do with your art each day.
-Enjoy your art, that may sound strange but sometimes its easy to get caught up ….

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