Purchase Info

100% Guarantee

These Paintings are covered by a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you want to return a painting, you can do so,  just return it within 14 days after buyer receiving it, in the same condition it was sent. I will return money paid minus fees (PayPal) and shipping costs.

Order Process

At Checkout you can choose to pay via ‘Paypal’ or do a Bank transfer. Click the one you choose. After you will be emailed confirming your Purchase.  You could email me about a Painting you want,  however I can’t guarantee it’s still there when I process your email. When a Painting is Sold the ‘stock’ goes to Zero (0). It might still be visible in the Shop, but it can’t be bought by another.


Rights of the Artist – Copyright

Artists always keep the Copyrights to their creations. It is therefore not legal for third parties/buyer of the art to create any kind of (print) material(s) from the original Artworks, because the artist keeps these rights whether or not it’s sold.