Plein Air Painting

Ive been doing a lot more pleinair painting lately, and enjoying it immensely even though we are in the middle of winter, its great to get out side. Some days Ive been caught out with rain showers, and wind. Its nice to be able to see the colours at a greater depth and it give […]

Pohutukawa -Omana Beach

Im really enjoying painting out side on location, pleinair, while painting  at Omana beach I could see so many paintings in front of me, choosing just one is hard, but I can take more canvas for more later. The  sound of the waves crashing beside me have a relaxing effect, and theres a soft breeze […]

July News

Well, almost through Winter, we have had a lot of rain, but thankfully the daffodils are coming out and soon the Tulips will be too. My most recent painting is of Tulips , I love to paint something bright when we have had so many dull wet days. This month I heading to wellington for […]

Quick palette knife art News

Palette knife beach paintings, helenblairsart

Ive enjoyed doing some small quick palette knife paintings recently, Ive found its good for freeing you up when I feel a bit stuck on what to paint next and Ive been busy with a new Art class that Ive started to give at the Log Cabin in Beachlands. Its a lovely spot to work […]

Plein Air Painting

Pleinair painting, helenblairsart

What and Where Do I Paint Plein Air? Your subject matter is entirely up to you, but remember that you don’t have to paint everything you see; be selective, think about what the essence of the scene is. Focus on what you see, not what you can imagine or intellectualize about the subject. You’ll see […]

Stormy Skies Blogger Picture

Stormy Seas, helenblairsart

Stormy Skies is now on new Samsung Smart phones sold by Vodafone . It is available for sale as prints on Imagekind. I painted this about 6 years ago, at the time I was living in the country and I really wanted to live at the beach so got very inspired with doing alot of […]

Beach series

Sunset Beach, helenblairsart

New Series done from  some local  scenes around Maraetai Beach. I took my small painting pad and paints with me, and quickly worked while the sun was going down. My palette knife did most of the work, while a brush softens some areas. Monthly Newsletter sign up Keep up to date with latest news

A photography Morning

Beach reflections, helenblairsart

Beautiful Morning at Maraetai Beach with fog lifting, someone fishing off the wharf , people out for a walk and a huge barge cruising across the harbor. Sometimes I love to go out for an early morning walk with my camera, its just fun, I like to capture different moods. It also gives me inspiration […]