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Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a great holiday and rest. Ive been very busy over the holidays at my new Gallery in Clyde which has been really good. Ive finished doing a painting workshop at the gallery, 25th, 26th January, and I also intend to have some more coming up soon, near the end of March. March is an amazing time to see all the Autumn colours. I will keep you posted on the dates very soon. 
Im also doing outdoor painting where I take people out for 2 hours around Clyde, bookings are essential. I provide all the gear and show you how to go about painting a scene outdoors.
Im posting a lot more time-lapse videos onto my instagram now, heres the latest one.
New Paintings
A couple of new paintings, Mountain Wildflowers Series, the one on the left is sold, the other one is still available.
All the Calendars are now Sold Out, thank you too everyone who brought one. 
Free Art Print available
If you have recently subscribed to my news letter and would like a free art print hand signed by me, please send me your address from my contact page on my website ,thank you. http://shop.helenblairsart.co.nz/contact/