Leaning Rock, painting quickly in pleinair

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New Blog Post, Leaning Rock Mountain,

I painted this from my driveway, the light in the clouds on the mountain inspired me so much that I had to paint it. I had to paint fast as the light was changing so quickly as it does, but it was good to get it down. I found it easier to see it in blocks of shadow and light by squinting my eyes, otherwise it seems to be too much detail and can be a little over whelming.

Available, http://shop.helenblairsart.co.nz/product/leaning-rock-mountain-otago/

Size 9 x 12, Framed,#pleinair, #helenblairsart, #available, #Otago#NZFineArt

Leaning Rock Mountain, helenblairsart
Leaning Rock Mountain, helenblairsart