Plein Air Painting

Ive been doing a lot more pleinair painting lately, and enjoying it immensely even though we are in the middle of winter, its great to get out side. Some days Ive been caught out with rain showers, and wind. Its nice to be able to see the colours at a greater depth and it give you a lot more ideas for future works of art. Ive been finding spots that I feel inspired by and realising that they have become my favourite places to go back to again. It works well to visit the same places as you know the subject so well that you can focus more on the light and mood of the painting. Heres some recent works.


Sunset Beach, helenblairsart
Sunset Beach, helenblairsart

I stuck a lovely sunset, but had to work fast as only had

a few minutes of light left.


Shower, helenblairsart
Rain Shower, helenblairsart


I could see a rain shower coming so got down the

main colour and dashed for the car, finished it later

in my studio using my memory of the day.


Winter Sunset, helenblairart
Winter Sunset, helenblairart


I didn’t really have any spectacular light but I did like

the strong blues coming through the trees. While I was there

a dog came running down to the beach.


Warm Sunset Beach, helenblairsart
Warm Sunset Beach, helenblairsart

I was under pressure here as the light was fading fast.

There were very soft hues, a calm night and a beautiful sunset.

I quickly laid in some placement lines with a brush, then added more paint with the

Palette knife, blending it quickly. The paint was very oily so was easy to move around.

Later I decided to add a person in.


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